Interview with Maria Jesus

Interview with Maria Jesus

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When did you decide to start a business in producing candles?

“I started because I love candles. And there were no stores in Málaga that offered the products to make candles. So I started investigating how to make candles and I also investigated the designer world, which I also like. I come from the world of designing so I put my passion for candles and designing together and decided to follow that path.”


When did your shop open?

“One year ago. I started the business 8 years ago, but opened the shop just last year in May.”


So before, did you work from home?

“Yes, and I went to markets, craft markets or fairs for crafters.”


Which qualities does a person need to start a business?

“I think you need to be able to be creative. Find joy to fight for an idea. Follow your dreams and your ideas, even though it sounds very cliché, it’s true.”


What are the positive aspects about working with students?

“For me they did an excellent job. Every day they worked in the shop and I can’t say anything else. I am so thankful, I learned a lot from them.”


How did the communication go between you and the students?

“Despite my level of English, excellent!”


Would you work with students again?

“Probably yes, but they put the bar real high. And the students follow me on Instagram, so my likes also raised.”


Did you receive what you were expecting from the project?

“Yes! More than I thought. I thought that the students may be here for vacation, but they were involved and showed interest. I learned a lot. I printed a flyer they created. At the several fairs I went, I finally was able to give something.

At the beginning they made a flyer which wasn’t the flyer I was looking for. After they received my feedback, they changed it. I wanted the flyer to be clear, but basic and a different kind of font style. They absolutely did a great job.”


Overall, how did you experience the collaboration?

“Fantastic, I would recommend it to everyone. Any company that is able to have students for two weeks, working for them. They were so positive. Students who want to learn new things, I would definitely participate again.”


“I thought that I, as a 47 year old woman, would not learn more things, since I already have so many life experience. Until they entered my shop, now I look at it differently. I know now that I can learn from everyone, it doesn’t matter if they are 17 or 18 years old.”

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