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The Teacher Bootcamp

In this unparalleled project you will develop professionally in a practical environment.

In daily life, most teachers will mainly develop further through courses, workshops or training in their own country. Due to the busy working days and fixed schedules, only a few teachers have the opportunity to have an experience abroad and this experience usually consists of exchange meetings, visiting students and gaining inspiration.

Málaga Business Bootcamp Teacher offers you as a teacher a real challenge in an organisation where you will gain new knowledge and skills, but must also be productive in a challenging environment.

Why a Bootcamp?

Inspired and motivated

Depending on the wishes a personalised programme will be made where also culture and language may play a role. A project should at least take one week to have a significant impact.

The main difference with a lot of other types of international experiences for teachers is that you are ‘forced’ to deliver productivity and will be activated by our team and the host organisation.

After a Málaga Business Bootcamp Teacher, you will be inspired and more motivated. You will enrich your professional, team working and intercultural skills.


Our organisation has a lot of experience with educational projects and internships and we have learned that many organisations want to give teachers the opportunity to develop in a practical environment. The reality of teaching is changing rapidly these days and the demands on teachers are increasing.

Teaching is not just about transfering knowledge and using previous experiences. Students no longer depend solely on a teacher to gain knowledge. The internet, several internships and side jobs have changed the way students develop in recent decades.

The need for teachers to be flexible in their approach and to provide activating lessons has grown. The teachers’ skills to adapt to an environment in which the student (as a client) must be inspired, activated and challenged are therefore also indispensable.

Since most teachers have no recent and/or frequent work experience in their area of ​​expertise, they may face challenges in keeping up with the ongoing changes in the industry. Teaching from your own experience in the field has much more impact than teaching by only transfering knowledge from literature or second-hand experiences.

Málaga Business Bootcamp Teacher offers you the opportunity to gain practical experience while doing this in an international setting. So double impact!

Together with the host organisation, we will coach you to get the best out of yourself and to perform at a high level. Undoubtedly, you will return home with a sense of pride, motivation and satisfaction.

One week programme

A 1 week programma could look like this:

  1. Meet up with the Malaga Business Bootcamp team
  2. Language classes 2 hours
  3. Brainstorm about the objectives for the assignment with the client-organisation
  1. Language classes 2 hours
  2. Work on the assignment
  1.  City bike tour
  2. Work on the assignment
  1.  Language classes 2 hours
  2. Work on the assignment
  1. Language classes 2 hours
  2. Present the results of the projects

All projects will be tailor made, therefore there is no standard programme.

Areas of expertise

Some examples of objectives in the teacher bootcamp

Marketing & Sales
The company is exploring opportunities to launch a new online service and wants the teacher(s) to come up with a recommendation on how to launch the new service.

Game Development
The organisation is a collaboration between the municipality and the University and wants the teacher to create a game in which the local citizens will be supported in learning English.

Health Care
The hospital needs to adapt to dealing with more foreigners and wants to set up several courses for the staff.
Main goal is to have the staff connect better to foreigners, to understand their culture and medical former home situation.

Are you ready to go abroad?


The professional area of ​​Málaga is of particular interest to teachers looking for development in the following subjects:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Game and software Development
  • IT
  • Health Care
  • Photography and Video
  • Beauty & Hairdressing
  • Fashion
  • Other subjects can be discussed.

The bootcamp can be done individually but also in a small team of teachers.
The need to collaborate with peers in a real life setting will stimulate the creativity and the motivation.

In addition to the city of Málaga, we also have very interesting learning opportunities for teachers in the Marbella area. Where Málaga is a more historic and innovative city, Marbella has a truly international atmosphere and houses many progressive organisations.

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

Before planning and measuring everything, we would first like to have a virtual meeting. In here you can ask us everything about the different possibilities and we will explain you how we work.

Leave your personal details below and we will get in touch with you asap.

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