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The Student Bootcamp

Do you want to give your students the unique experience of working, learning and adapting to a different country and culture? And that without being gone for months?

Málaga Business Bootcamp is perfect for any type of motivated student. At the end of the bootcamp, the student will receive a certificate that they can add to their resume to demonstrate their international experience to prospective employers.

During the two week project in the south of Spain, students will have the opportunity to develop different skills. In addition, students can put the knowledge they have acquired into practice by working for a real entrepreneur.

Because the students are empowered and coached on their intrinsic motivation, they develop a wide range of competences, such as; communication, intercultural, entrepreneurial, independent, initiative, pro-activity, feedback, presentation skills, teamwork, reporting, accuracy and much more.

Do you want you to have an international experience but is there no possibility to actually go abroad? We have the solution for you.

We also offer our bootcamps online!

Type of projects


The general bootcamp is a bootcamp in which students of any type of study can participate. Students do not yet know for which company they will be working for, nor the assignment they will be given. Creating a group with different studies creates a special atmosphere that regularly leads to very surprising end products.

Download here the leaflet about the General Bootcamp

Human Technology

Málaga for sure is one of the best places to have Human Technology students do a project. As a SMART city innovative solutions are part of life. The municipality closely collaborates with technology businesses to create solutions for present and future challenges. How cool that students can contribute to this.

Download here the leaflet about the Human Technology Bootcamp

Social Work

Students will work for several social organisations to learn about the way of working in a different culture, to witness specific local issues and to contribute to the local challenging situations.

Download here the leaflet about the Social Work Bootcamp

Game Development

The students will take part in one of the MálagaJams. Together with other (mostly Spanish) international students they will create a new game in less than 48 hours. During the jam they will work with designers, developers, musicians and artists to try to deliver the best game. Besides that they will work on a challenge for a local entrepreneur.

Download here the leaflet about the Game Development Bootcamp

Hair & Beauty

The students will develop through participating in workshops given by highly professional hair and beauty artists and they will find out about the differences in treatments and styles compared to their home country.

Download here the leaflet about the Hair & Beauty Bootcamp

IT Manager

As a SMART city, Malaga has a lot of businesses involved in IT. Foreign companies settle their business here because of the availability of employees. The students will work on an IT challenge for one of the Malaguenian organisations and learn how problem solving in Spain is done differently.

Download here the leaflet about the IT Manager Bootcamp

Dental Health

In a Spanish speaking environment the students will get an insight in the life of a Dental Health professional in Spain. Thanks to the fabulous classes they will gain new knowledge and skills they will never forget. 

Download here the leaflet about the Dental Health Bootcamp

Management Assistant

The profession of Management Assistant is changing. Because of the international environment students will be given a wide perspective on the developments in their profession and future work environment. Besides participating in a workshop about the changing landscape of the profession, the students will work on a challenge for a local business under supervision of an expert in their field of studies.

Download here the leaflet about the Management Assistant Bootcamp

Pharmacy / Doctor’s Assistant

The students will be amazed by the different approach to Pharmacy in Spain. Through classes in a vocational institute and visits to manufacturers and pharmacies they will get a broad view on the developments in their studies in Spain.

Download here the leaflet about the Pharmacy / Doctor’s Assistant Bootcamp

Photography / Film

The students will be given workshops by professionals in the Film and Photography industry and work in the incredible environment of beautiful Andalucia. Traditionally an area where a lot of professional photography and filming takes place.

Download here the leaflet about the Photography / Film Bootcamp

Don’t miss this inspiring trip!

Dates of the bootcamps in Málaga

Please contact us to check out when we can plan your Málaga Business Bootcamp.

Two week programme

A two week programme could look like this:

Day 1

Arrival Day. You will be welcomed in your accommodation and get to know the city.

Kick off of the project (evening) and meeting your fellow bootcamp members.

Day 2

Start language classes. You will be forced to speak Spanish. Hard work and good fun.

Kick off of the entrepreneurial project.

Brainstorm, create a plan & divide the tasks.

Day 3

Spanish classes.

Finish the plan of approach and ask for feedback of the entrepreneur.

Day 4

Spanish classes.

Bike Tour through Málaga.

Action – Start with executing your plan of action.

Day 5

Spanish classes.

Evaluation of the first days and execution of the action plan with coach and entrepreneur.

Day 6

Spanish classes.

Action Day.

Day 7/8

Depending on your action plan you will work on the project.

You have time to relax and enjoy some of the culture, sun, sea and other great things Malaga has got to offer.

Day 9/10

Spanish classes.

Action Day.

Day 11

Spanish classes.

Evaluation of the process with coach and entrepreneur.

Start preparations for final presentation.

Day 12

Spanish classes.

Action day and preparation for final presentation.

Day 13

Spanish classes.

Final presentation and certification.


Day 14

Flying back home.

All projects will be tailor made, therefore there is no standard programme.

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

Before planning and measuring everything, we would first like to have a virtual meeting. In here you can ask us everything about the different possibilities and we will explain you how we work.

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