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The Bootcamp

Would you like to have your students the opportunity on a life changing experience?

With this unique project we give every student the opportunity to add an international experience to their CV.

As a team we continuously work with students, local entrepreneurs and schools. Besides that we are giving students and teachers the opportunity to put theory into practice and gain skills like; entrepreneurship, intercultural communication and teamwork.

Every bootcamp we offer is tailormade. This allows us to offer interesting learning experiences based on the wishes and learning objectives.

We have organised a wide range of different types of bootcamp. You can find more information underneath the picture.


We have bootcamps for both students and teachers.

Bootcamps can be done physically in Spain but they can also be done online as well.

Bootcamps can be connected to specific learning objectives.

The student bootcamps are suitable for motivated students who want to learn a lot in a relatively short time and who can dedicate themselves to a real life client. The bootcamps are focused on developing the Spanish language, working for a local entrepreneur, working in a team and explore intercultural differences.

More information about the student bootcamps:

Do you, as teacher, want to be coached, trained and given the opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge of professional practice? We also offer bootcamps for teachers for different types of studies or teaching in general.

More information about teacher bootcamps:

Sometimes it is not possible or desirable to go abroad for a project. Do you still want a great international experience for your students? Online bootcamps are a great option then. It provides comparable learning development, but is flexible and can be implemented from school or home.

More information about the online bootcamps: