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The Online Bootcamp

Do you want your students to have an international experience but is there no possibility to actually go abroad? We have the solution for you.

We also offer our bootcamps online!

The goal of the online bootcamps are the same as the regular bootcamps; 

  • gain an unforgettable international experience, 
  • develop language, 
  • and professional skills.
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How does an online bootcamp look like

In groups of 4 to 5 students, the group will work on a challenge for a Spanish organisation in combination with (if desired) online language classes of 3 hours a day.

The programme of the online bootcamp is more or less the same as the regular bootcamp, however the students will be coached more intensively on delivering short term results and their communication skills. Working according to Scrum or Agile methods is most effective here.

During the bootcamp the students will follow online Spanish classes given by certified, native Spanish speakers of one of the most renowned schools in Málaga.

Besides the Spanish classes they will work on an assignment for the Spanish organisation.. The project is based on the learning goals of the students and the wishes and needs of the local entrepreneur.  During the project the students will stay in contact with their project group, the entrepreneur, the Málaga Business Bootcamp team and teachers.

At the end of the bootcamp the student: will understand and speak basic Spanish, have worked for an international entrepreneur, developed multiple skills, and get a certificate.

“I was always interested in working internationally, even though I never had the opportunity to go abroad for my study. Thanks to this experience I can now show my certificate and proven international experience to future employers. Thank you!” – Emma, student

Don’t miss this online opportunity!

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

Before planning and measuring everything, we would first like to have a virtual meeting. In here you can ask us everything about the different possibilities and we will explain you how we work.

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