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Testimonial Joris

JORIS, BUSINESS OWNER OF VERDA IN MÁLAGA Joris is the owner of the store Verda. Verda is a store where they sell natural cosmetic, zero waste and aromatherapy products. His challenge for the students was to create more visibility and for more people to know the store. “Everything went faster than I thought, the result […]

Testimonial Alberto Molina

ALBERTO, BUSINESS OWNER OF CÁVEA IN MÁLAGA Alberto is owner of the Spanish restaurant Cávea, located in Málaga. Together with his two associates he proposed a new project to more than 50 students located in 6 different countries. This was not a normal bootcamp, but an online bootcamp because of the restrictions. Nevertheless was it […]

Testimonial Jeroen

JEROEN, BUSINESS OWNER IN SPAIN OF COSTAMUNDO Jeroen is a filmmaker and producer, living in Spain and last week he participated in a student project, which was a really nice experience! On Wednesday he presented his assignment to a group of students and they went to work in smaller groups. “I have to admit, it […]

Testimonial Eli

ELI, BUSINESS OWNER IN MIJAS, MÁLAGA Before Eli, the founder of Mayan Monkey, took part in a special online project,  never had used video as marketing tool. We co-organised the project with our partners Cibap, a creative college from The Netherlands and Clash, a German project mediator. This video shows the impact of the projects […]

Interview with Sjoukje

SJOUKJE – MANAGER OF BIKE RENTAL SHOP IN MÁLAGA. Sjoukje about the Bootcamp: “This time we were on the other side, because they taught us new things. For us it was a really interesting experience, we learned a lot about how we can improve social media…”    

Interview with Maria Jesus

ENTREPRENEUR MARIA JESUS, SELLING SELF DESIGNED CANDLES IN MÁLAGA. When did you decide to start a business in producing candles? “I started because I love candles. And there were no stores in Málaga that offered the products to make candles. So I started investigating how to make candles and I also investigated the designer world, […]

Testimonial Rafael Perez

RAFAEL PEREZ, BUSINESS OWNER IN MÁLAGA Rafael had no idea what he could expect from the student team beforehand. In the video below he explains what Málaga Bootcamp has meant for him and his business.

Interview with Álvaro

ÁLVARO DE LA SIERRA, ENTREPRENEUR IN MÁLAGA “I participated twice with my business in the Málaga Business Bootcamp 2017 and was surprised by the productivity and motivation of the participating students.” Watch the video to find out what Álvaro wants to say to you.

Interview with Ana Bardají Gabás

ANA BARDAJÍ GABÁS | MANAGER AND CHEF Before we get started we wanted to thank you for giving us your time to do this interview about the Malaga Business Bootcamp. You participated in one of our Bootcamps at the beginning of 2018 and we wanted to know what your expectations were before starting the project. […]

Interview with Miguel Almendral

MIGUEL ALMENDRAL | ENTREPENEUR Miguel Almendral participated in 2016 as an entrepreneur, he had a group of 6 inspiring students. One thing everyone remembers from the end presentation was; everyone was crying at the end after the students presented all the work they did! Could you explain to us a little about the company you […]

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