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Testimonial Cristóbal Perez Costillo

CRISTÓBAL PEREZ COSTILLO (17) SPANISH STUDENT SOCIAL SCIENCES FROM MÁLAGA “I participated in two Málaga Business Bootcamp in 2018. I would participate over an over again. I love it!” Watch the video to find out what more Cristóbal has to say about Málaga Business Bootcamp.

Blog by Marnix Rollfs of Roelofs

MARNIX ROLLFS OF ROELOFS (22) STUDENT INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT. In 2014 he participated in the first Málaga Business Bootcamp. After the preparation assignment, the real situation seemed pretty different. Read the article to find out how he experienced his Bootcamp. Without a doubt, I said yes… And before I knew it, I ended […]

MBB in newspaper SUR!

Málaga Business Bootcamp in the press!  Half of June of 2018 we finished a Málaga Business Bootcamp with the famous presentations of the students that participated. Not only present were the students, their teachers, some important influencers of the city, the entrepreneurs and our team, there also was a journalist from SUR in English. After […]

Interview with Ana Bardají Gabás

ANA BARDAJÍ GABÁS | MANAGER AND CHEF Before we get started we wanted to thank you for giving us your time to do this interview about the Malaga Business Bootcamp. You participated in one of our Bootcamps at the beginning of 2018 and we wanted to know what your expectations were before starting the project. […]

Interview with Eline Heijnen

ELINE HEIJNEN (22) STUDENT AT THE HVA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) In the summer of 2015 Eline and her group supported a local entrepreneur in the city center of Málaga. Even though she didn’t know anyone, this wasn’t an issue for her! Curious about her story? Continue reading.. Who are you and how long has it […]

Interview with Proesha Ahmad

PROESHA AHMAD (19) STUDENT JUNIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER AND YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR. In 2017 she participated in the Málaga Business Bootcamp, which resulted in great opportunities and a fantastic internship! Are you already inspired? Read the whole story about her experience. Lisa: Who are you and where do you come from? Proesha: My name is Proesha Ahmad, […]

Interview with Miguel Almendral

MIGUEL ALMENDRAL | ENTREPENEUR Miguel Almendral participated in 2016 as an entrepreneur, he had a group of 6 inspiring students. One thing everyone remembers from the end presentation was; everyone was crying at the end after the students presented all the work they did! Could you explain to us a little about the company you […]

Testimonial Lucía Cordero

LUCÍA CORDERO (24) SPANISH STUDENT FROM MÁLAGA I participated in the Málaga Business Bootcamp in July 2017 and more precisely I had the opportunity of being part of a project with Dutch students and a fellow student from Málaga. We produced and recorded a promotional video for the co-working space The Living Room in the […]

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