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An unique project in which you learn:

  • How to deal with responsibility in your work

  • Cultural differences

  • How to collaborate in an international team

You will convert theory into practice and develop your entrepreneurial, social and language skills. You will be coached by specialists that will challenge you to get the best out of you.

Throw away your school books, because in MBB you are going to reveal your true capacities in a real life business setting.

How? We connect Language + Entrepreneurship + Leisure


In the Bootcamp we provide you with top-notch Spanish language courses at renowned schools here in Málaga.
After two weeks you’ll feel more confident about your language skills and you’ll be able to start a conversation and interact with the locals.
If you’re an advanced student we’ll focus on elevating your grammar and conversation skills to a higher level.

“It is a unique opportunity to learn more from another language and culture, because you live as a local for three weeks.” – Eline

Programme of the classes:

  • Grammar
  • Conversations

Activities organised by the institute:

  • Real life conversations outside the language school
  • Cooking & dancing classes
  • Trips


Local entrepreneurs are happy to work with you. Together with the entrepreneur you will brainstorm about what added value your team can contribute to the business. As a team you’ll set goals, come up with an action plan, execute the plan and present it to the stakeholders. During these 2 weeks you will be coached by the MBB team and the local entrepreneurs. Inspire and get inspired!

“It took them some time to get started, but the initial unstructured way of working led to a valuable output,
which will help us to grow our business.” -Ben Kolp

Previous bootcamps have resulted in the following products:

  • Websites
  • Market research reports
  • Promotional videos
  • Online Marketing plan
  • Social Media content
  • Events
  • Sales leads
  • Translations of promotional material
    And much more..


Certainly there’s time to explore and enjoy the beauty of Málaga. The city has a lot to offer, first of all it’s historical part with many cultural heritage sites. Besides that the city has no less than 36 museums, mainly located within the historic quarter, turning Málaga into one of the cities with the greatest number of museums on the whole international scene. (One of the most famous painters of all time was born here .. Pablo Picasso!)

Málaga is also a popular destination for international students who follow different courses at the city’s university. You’ll be offered discounts into clubs & events, and there are several tour organisers that offer trips all over Andalucia for small prices.

No wonder you’ll experience a unique project and make friends for a lifetime.

“I want do do it over, and over, and over again ” – Cristóbal Perez

Included in the bootcamp:

  • Bike tour
  • Participation in the activities by the language institute

Excluded in the bootcamp:

  • Trips with event organizers
  • Entree fees to museums and historical buildings

Don’t miss this inspiring trip!


You are sharing a room in a student flat. You will have access to all the facilities of the house. You are able to do your own cooking whenever you feel like it and of course can collaborate on this with your flat mates.

In the pictures you can find some examples of the rooms we offer.

Private room or family hosting on request.



Arrival Day. You will be welcomed in your accommodation and get to know the city.

Kick off of the project (evening) and meeting your fellow bootcamp members.


Start language classes. You will be forced to speak Spanish. Hard work and good fun.

Kick off of the entrepreneurial project

Brainstorm, create a plan & divide the tasks


Spanish classes.

Finish the plan of approach and ask for feedback of the entrepreneur.


Spanish classes.

Bike Tour through Málaga.

Action – Start with executing your plan of action.


Spanish classes.

Evaluation of the first days and execution of the action plan with coach and entrepreneur.


Spanish classes.

Action Day.

DAY 7/8

Depending on your action plan you will work on the project.

You have time to relax and enjoy some of the culture, sun, sea and other great things Malaga has got to offer.

DAY 9/10

Spanish classes.

Action Day.

DAY 11

Spanish classes.

Evaluation of the process with coach and entrepreneur.

Start preparations for final presentation.

DAY 12

Spanish classes.

Action day and preparation for final presentation.

DAY 13

Spanish classes.

Final presentation and certification.


DAY 14

Flying back home.


Do you want to come to Málaga to just follow the language classes and learn Spanish like no other? Or do you already want to master some Spanish before starting the bootcamp? Than you are in the right place.

You could already take Spanish lessons in your home country or download an application like Duolingo. We always recommend to take lessons in the country itself. You learn twice as fast, because you immediately have to practice it outside the language school.

If you want to brush up on your English instead of your Spanish? That is also possible.

We offer these lessons through various partners. Of course you can follow lessons on your own, with acquaintances or with others. By following language lessons you will make friends easily and feel at home quickly. That is reassuring, right?
Click on ‘Learn more’ for more information.


The price of the bootcamp is €1.275,-


  • Spanish language classes
  • Welcome drink
  • Accommodation
  • Coaching during the project
  • Bike Tour
  • Entrepreneurial project
  • Certificate
  • After party


  • Flight
  • Transfer to accommodation (this can be arranged though)
  • Transfer to airport (this can be arranged though)
  • Entrance Museums
  • Food and drinks
  • Pocket money
  • Insurance

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