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Testimonial Arnold – Málaga Business Bootcamp Online

Along with three other students, Arnold (17) started the Málaga Business Bootcamp, which was part of the reorientation program organized by MBO Amersfoort. Unfortunately, not everyone was as excited as he was: the first Dutch student dropped out even before the introduction started. The Spanish student followed because of her job and further in the […]

Testimonial Anssi

ANSSI, STUDENT TRAVEL AND TOURISM, FROM HELSINKI – FINLAND  In this video testimonial Anssi, a travel and tourism student from Helsinki (Finland), will you tell about his online bootcamp experience. In November of 2020 he participated during a pilot of 5 days, which we did with 450 student from 6 different countries. In this testimonial […]

Testimonial Steffie – Grand Tour

STEFFIE, STUDENT AT CIBAP, LOCATED IN THE NETHERLANDS Steffie, a Dutch student has participated in a one week online Bootcamp. This was a pilot programme where more than 350 students, from 6 different countries, got to know each other, the cultures and worked for an entrepreneur. An amazing experience and likes she says as well, […]

Interview with Anne & Maya

MAYA & ANNE – TWO FINNISH STUDENTS GOING TO SPAIN TO HAVE A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE  We worked on a project for a Real Estate Agency during two weeks with a Dutch & Spanish student. He wanted and advice about the website, creating an application and how to reach clients from the more northern part of […]

Interview Ramin

RAMIN – A DUTCH STUDENT FROM THE SCHOOL LANDSTEDE  Ramin participated at the Málaga Business Bootcamp together with 3 other schools. During their two week project he had to communicate with Finnish, Danish and Spanish students. You can imagine that with all the different cultures, it wasn’t always easy to work together. But they did […]

Interview Anita & Antoine

ANITA & ANTOIN – BOTH STUDENTS HUMAN TECHNOLOGY. “IT’S A STUDY FOCUSSING ON WORKING IN AN INNOVATIVE, PROBLEM SOLVING WAY.” On the question if they would go back to Málaga, both answered directly with a “Yes!”. Wondering why they answered this and what their task were during their stay? Watch the video.  

Interview Bo & Suzanne

BO & SUZANNE (18) STUDENT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Did you achieved your goals? “Yes, my goals are really accomplished. Because we have worked together, and it was so much fun even though sometimes it was a little bit hard. Everyone just kept going…”  

Interview Daan van Alphen

Daan van Alphen (18) STUDENT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FROM THE NETHERLANDS “It is also about cooking and doing the laundry” Daan explains that Málaga Business Bootcamp not only is about business. Also language and personal development play really important part.

Testimonial Maaike Buitink

MAAIKE BUITINK (16) STUDENT MARKETING & COMMUNICATION FROM THE NETHERLANDS “I didn’t know what to expect. It is amazing, I have no other words for it. Do it, do it, do it!” Watch the video to find out what more Maaike has to say about Málaga Business Bootcamp.

Testimonial David Bromley

DAVID BROMLEY (32) IN BETWEEN JOBS FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM “Some of it was quite hard work, but it was rewarding and it was quite intensive because we only had a short amount of time.” Watch the video to find out what more David has to say about Málaga Business Bootcamp.