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Spanish Testimonial – Paula

PAULA, SPANISH STUDENT LOCATED IN MÁLAGA In this testimonial you hear Paula explain, in Spanish, what for her the added value of the Málaga Business Bootcamp is. At the beginning she did not know what to expect and thought a lot about, why she should or should not participate. During the Bootcamp she came to […]

Testimonial Cristóbal Perez Costillo

CRISTÓBAL PEREZ COSTILLO (17) SPANISH STUDENT SOCIAL SCIENCES FROM MÁLAGA “I participated in two Málaga Business Bootcamp in 2018. I would participate over an over again. I love it!” Watch the video to find out what more Cristóbal has to say about Málaga Business Bootcamp.

Testimonial Lucía Cordero

LUCÍA CORDERO (24) SPANISH STUDENT FROM MÁLAGA I participated in the Málaga Business Bootcamp in July 2017 and more precisely I had the opportunity of being part of a project with Dutch students and a fellow student from Málaga. We produced and recorded a promotional video for the co-working space The Living Room in the […]