Testimonial – Mick

Testimonial – Mick

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My name is Mick Broekman, I am a teacher at ROC Aventus Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, for media manager education. I teach courses such as marketing, communication and I organize projects.

How have you experienced the bootcamp?
It was a fantastic experience, from the beginning until the end. At the moment that we came to the airport there were some problems with the apartments, however, there was already the mindset that things don’t have to be perfect. We can overcome them and get to a good solution.

Have you noticed any difference in the groups between the first and last days?
During the bootcamp I noticed that the students started blooming much more as a group. they became more mature in behaviour towards us, the company, and the other parties involved.

What were the most fun things of the bootcamp?
There were many fun things, to see the students in a professional role was for me as a teacher the most fun thing. To see the professional behaviour that they showed was fantastic.

What were the most challenging things about the bootcamp?
Some students found it pretty challenging to maintain a high motivation. We really had to keep motivating them by telling them that if they give everything now, they can rest after in the beautiful weather.

Would you recommend the bootcamp to others and why?
It was an amazing experience. It was challenging, but in a good way. Students learn a lot, we as teachers learn a lot, so it was awesome.

What advice would you give new bootcamp groups?
Just go, experience it for yourself!

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