MBB in newspaper SUR!

MBB in newspaper SUR!

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Málaga Business Bootcamp in the press! 

Half of June of 2018 we finished a Málaga Business Bootcamp with the famous presentations of the students that participated. Not only present were the students, their teachers, some important influencers of the city, the entrepreneurs and our team, there also was a journalist from SUR in English.

After seeing and listening to the presentations, the journalist had a small talk with Joyce and Joost. What did she write about us? Keep reading…


“Business Bootcamp connects international students with Malaga entrepreneurs

Dutch business students are partnering with local business owners in a mutually beneficial relationship that yields both practical and economic benefits

Dutch couple and business partners Joost Jong and Joyce van Ombergen-Jong first moved to Spain in 2008, intending to teach their native language to the locals. After the financial crisis hit, their plans changed and eventually they set up JongLeren.es, which helps (mainly) Dutch students to find internships in the Malaga area…”

Want to read the rest of the story? Click here!

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