Interview with Ana Bardají Gabás

Interview with Ana Bardají Gabás

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Before we get started we wanted to thank you for giving us your time to do this interview about the Malaga Business Bootcamp.

You participated in one of our Bootcamps at the beginning of 2018 and we wanted to know what your expectations were before starting the project.

I did not have many expectations because we had not talked much about the project. I had been warned that some students were coming to collaborate on the subject of marketing and social media. I did not think much and did not want to make many expectations beforehand.

Did you prepare some examples of some kind of work for the students?

We had not prepared any kind of work for the students because they were incorporated fairly quickly at the beginning and during the project as much as we as the students thought about the kind of work they could do. We prepared the work together with the students from the beginning.

How was the communication with the students considering almost everyone did not speak Spanish?

We speak in English. I do not speak much English, but other members of Siete Semillas speak perfect English and could communicate without problems with the students.

If you could say in a sentence what you thought about the project, what would you say?

The project is very interesting and now that I know how the students work, I would do a previous job. I would think about what sort of work I would like the students to do so we can all get the most out of the project.

What would you say to another company that is interested in participating in Málaga Business Bootcamp?

Although coordinating a project takes time and effort, I would encourage the company to participate. In this first experience, I hope it is not the last one, the balance is positive. We have invested time and effort, but the reward has been greater. I would be interested in participating in another project!

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