Interview with Eline Heijnen

Interview with Eline Heijnen

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ELINE HEIJNEN (22) STUDENT AT THE HVA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)

In the summer of 2015 Eline and her group supported a local entrepreneur in the city center of Málaga. Even though she didn’t know anyone, this wasn’t an issue for her! Curious about her story? Continue reading..

Who are you and how long has it been since you participated in the Bootcamp?

My name is Eline Heijnen, I am 22 years old and I am currently studying at the HVA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). Three years ago, together with students from the Nova College, I went to Malaga for three weeks to learn Spanish and to carry out a super cool project for a local entrepreneur.

You collaborated with students from other fields of study and schools. What are your thoughts on that?

In the beginning I found it quite exciting to go to Spain for three weeks with students I didn´t know. This wasn´t too bad after all, we had a super nice group. The different backgrounds of the students ensured diversity in the group and extra cosiness.

What did you think was the best aspect of the bootcamp?

We stayed in an apartment in the centre of Malaga for three weeks with 6 girls. You live for three weeks as a ‘Spaniard’ and discover a new language and culture with the daily habits that go with it.

You also worked with a Spanish student, how was that?

This was very informative, you discover differences but also many similarities between the way of working.

Which entrepreneur did you work with?

We worked together with IS Hairdesign, a local hair salon run by a Dutch entrepreneur. Our assignment was to set up a social media account for her. Among other things, we were concerned with analysing competitors and creating content for social media.

How did you experience the cooperation with the entrepreneur?

Because the owner spoke Dutch, the communication went very smoothly. It was very informative to see how she set up her business and why customers always keep coming back to her. You experience it first hand, rather than from the school books.

Do you still have contact with students you worked with?

I occasionally still have contact with students I met in Malaga. We shared a super cool experience that we won´t forget!

What other memories do you have of the Bootcamp?

Besides carrying out a project for a company and having Spanish lessons, you also have free time. We spent this free time on the terrace with tapas or on the beach in the sun. During the weekends we were free so we had the opportunity to go on excursions. We decided to go on an excursion to Morocco for a weekend. This was an unforgettable experience!

Can you explain why a student should participate in the Bootcamp?

It is a unique opportunity to learn more from another language and culture because you live as a local for three weeks. You make new friends and gain practical experience. It is really an experience that you should not miss!

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