Interview with Proesha Ahmad

Interview with Proesha Ahmad

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In 2017 she participated in the Málaga Business Bootcamp, which resulted in great opportunities and a fantastic internship! Are you already inspired? Read the whole story about her experience.

Lisa: Who are you and where do you come from?
Proesha: My name is Proesha Ahmad, student Junior Account manager and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. My parents are from Kurdistan, located in the north of Iraq.
Lisa: How did you end up at the Bootcamp?
Proesha: My school offered this unique opportunity!
Lisa: The Bootcamp took place in Málaga, Spain, what was the added value of this location for you?
Proesha: I have always wanted to go to Málaga. Before I did that I first went to Liverpool for a boot camp. I liked that, of course, but I really fell in love with Málaga! That is why I have come back now.
Lisa: I totally understand that! What did you think of the teachers of the language school in Spain?
Proesha: I really liked them! They knew how to speak English but they didn’t. They did this consciously.
Lisa: Did you actually experience communication problems or how did that work?
Proesha: No, they made everything clear with gestures and that’s how it goes in real Spanish life. Many Spaniards do not speak English or refuse that on principle or insecurity so in this way you prevent the communication problems in real life.
Lisa: Did the language course meet your expectations?
Proesha: Certainly, my grades for Spanish improved straight away!
Lisa: What is the best thing about the Bootcamp to you?
Proesha: Group dynamics! You learn to deal with people who are very different from you. You learn to adapt to others. I was the leader of the group and I really enjoyed directing the group. Everyone got tasks that suited them and because of the diversity we complemented each other well.
Lisa: How did you experience the collaboration?
Proesha: Within the group this went well, but we did run into some cultural differences. Among the Spanish entrepreneurs the answer could be yes one day and the other day no. You had to get to know each other and at the same time experience the Spanish culture. That was difficult at first.
Lisa: Well, sounds like a challenge! Have you experienced it as something positive?
Proesha: Sure, because as a team leader this aspect made it interesting. We have put all our qualities together and learned from each other. We also occasionally arranged meetings where we sat together to solve some problems together or to discuss the progress.
Lisa: As a leader you worked solution-focused. Are there any other characteristics that are important when following the Bootcamp?
Proesha: Flexibility is very important. It is also nice to see how everyone is growing and learning.
Lisa: What is the most important thing that you have learned?
Proesha: Do everything without stress, or as the Spaniards would say “tranquilo” life. I also noticed that this has done me good. I have always tried to apply this since I returned from Málaga. This also applied well with the Spanish lessons. Previously, I quickly got stressed when asked a question, but because my teacher gave me all the time I could eventually answer more easily.
Lisa: Super! So, this really helped you. Is the “tranquilo” life the reason for your return to Málaga?
Proesha: This has certainly played a role!
Lisa: What compliment would you like to give to the Málaga Business Bootcamp program?
Proesha: The Bootcamp gives you opportunities to learn new things within the business world and at the same time work on your personal development. Your level will rise in a short time. It is also really a solution in the social field! You come back as a completely new person.

Lisa: Wow! These are a few nice points. Did following the Bootcamp also have added value for your resume?
Proesha: Yes! Because I have now been able to add various things to my resume. Participation on its own is of course already a sign of commitment.
Lisa: Are there opportunities or openings created by following the Bootcamp?
Proesha: Yes, at MSE I was the team leader during the MBB and the entrepreneur was very impressed by my attitude and abilities. In September I received a message from him with the question when I would come back. This is also funny because when I was done with the Bootcamp I said “goodbye” on which he said “Never say goodbye, always say see you soon!”
Lisa: How nice! So, he kept his word.
Proesha: Yes, he knew that I was looking for an internship abroad and asked me if I could call him. And now I am here!
Lisa: Super cool! If you were to explain to a friend in three sentences what the Málaga Business Bootcamp would mean, how would you describe it?
Proesha: In four weeks you will have the opportunity to discover yourself, to grow as an entrepreneur in a completely new country with different cultures and to learn to work in a group, so that you also grow in a personal area. It is enjoying life!
Lisa: Nicely worded! Is there anything else you would like to say about MBB?
Proesha: Following the Bootcamp has really opened a new world for me. I have travelled more and have set up my own company. I worked in Málaga and earned a lot of money with it. I have really seen the world! I am not only a student, but also a young businesswoman. It really increases your network so it is highly recommended for all students with a big ambition!


It is of course nice to see what the Bootcamp has offered Proesha, but to really experience the value of a Bootcamp it is of course great to take on the challenge yourself!
Proesha has become very successful, has a nice internship, is confident, has really developed a personal development and has seen a large part of the world!

Are you the next student with such a success story?

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