Interview with Miguel Almendral

Interview with Miguel Almendral

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Miguel Almendral participated in 2016 as an entrepreneur, he had a group of 6 inspiring students. One thing everyone remembers from the end presentation was; everyone was crying at the end after the students presented all the work they did!

Could you explain to us a little about the company you are running and why you participated in the 2016 Málaga Business Bootcamp with Joyce and Joost?

I’m in charge of Grupo Ocyr in Andalucía. I am one of the founding partners and I carry the projects that Ocyr develops in the area, as well as the strategies of the brand.
I participated in the Málaga Business Bootcamp project because of the personal feeling that Joost transmits. He lives for his project and is very involved in it. This is a value that does not go unnoticed and made me interested. I discovered necessary and well executed work. How can one refuse an opportunity to learn like this?

During the project with the students you taught them about the Spanish culture, what part of the culture do you think had the greatest influence on the work with the students?

The students brought the correct mentality. That way they experienced that businesses and more companies are ALWAYS driven by people. We must learn to communicate beyond the message. Today I still talk to some of the students, although I know that the whole group was spectacular. If we can be happy in our working time, everyone will benefit.

The students who worked for you during the final presentation caused a lot of emotion, could you tell us a little about this?

They did not work for me, they did it with me. The emotion is because they knew how to capture the essence that we all have inside. A text message and a conversation while looking into each other’s eyes does not communicate the same thing/feeling. They knew how to do this.

What did you learn during the project with the students? If you could participate another year would you do it? And would you change something in respect of the year 2017?

I learned that group dynamics depend on the attitude of the group, which is something we bring to the table from home. I also learned that talent has no age … which scares me a lot.
I would love to participate again when I have the necessary infrastructure to do it correctly again.
I would not change anything, I think it was a success and the things that work should not be touched.

What would you say to students who want to participate in the future?

That only those who want to learn can receive knowledge. That life is precious and success and excellence are sometimes antagonistic.

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